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New MyMediaScript v1.3
Media Website

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New Version Release. v1.3

MyMediaScript is a fun and inexpensive way to get your own video website going easily. You will have your own complete media dump website at a down to Earth price. My media script is an improved video site script that now allows the use of multiple types of media not just videos. That means the user can now load Images, mp3s, WMA, Quicktime, SWF Flash Games and ASX streaming media. Embed media and videos from YouTube, Google Video! and just about anywhere. This is not an imitation video site consisting of links to other websites. You can either store media files via the database or simply embed codes from sites like youtube.

Uploading media:
Is very simple via the easy to use admin panel. It is also possible for visitors to upload media to the site, you then approve/disapprove their uploads after review via the admin panel. "Site Features"

The script comes Google Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network compatible. You can register at one of them simply enter your account code in your admin panel and any clicks that visitors make on the advertisers of your web site, you get paid! This website script comes fully search engine optimized and ready to go. Now your having fun and earning at the same time!
You can easily change the look of your website with any graphics program. Dont have one? Download this great free program, "" Look at some of the existing Media script sites above. Then get your presence on the web. Installation on servers with less than php 4 or mysql 4.2 may require some experience with adjusting your servers settings.
Comes with full support and free version upgrades.

We offer site customization services. See TOC
Not comfortable with the idea of installation?
We offer installations for $10.00
Must be cpanel hosting. Contact sales for details.

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  • Add Media
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Media types supported

  • WMA.
  • WMV.
  • .MPG
  • .MOV
  • .MP3
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